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2012 The Online Movie Final Cut Updated

The Truth behind the 2012 Mayan Calendar: This is not a Doomsday' event!


Maya 2012 -Mayan Calendar, Mayan Prophecy and in5dDecember 21 2012

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2012 The Online Movie

This movie is my first release since becoming a YouTube partner, which means that I'm no longer limited to 10 minute videos. This is the full length movie!

The YouTube link to this movie can be found HERE.

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Part I -- THE HISTORY BEHIND December 21, 2012

How time changes consciousness, rare 26,000 yr occurrences, how the RCC ties into December 21, 2012, 11:11, solar maximum, 2011 vs 2012, acceleration of creation, the numbers behind 2012, time speeding up, transformation of consciousness, corruption of Gregorian calendar, other 2012 end dates, the New Earth, world chakras, time travelers and 2012, Schumann resonance, alchemy and our solar system, climate change, the photon belt, the I Ching, Mayan astrology, Galactic Alignment, Mayan obsession over time, the cycles of time, the end of the world age, timewave zero


Ian Lungold thoroughly explains the levels of creation in the Mayan calendar

Part 3 -- CROP CIRCLES AND 2012

Daniel Pinchbeck, David Wilcock, Geoff Stray and Gregg Braden talk about crop circles and 2012

Part 4 -- FEAR AND 2012

The roots of terrorism, 911, social engineering, how the few control the many, illuminati, RFID chips, spiritual psychology, love, fear and spirituality, vaccinations, aspartame, fluoride, GMO's and Monsanto, government propaganda, mind control, TV mind manipulation, ET help from above, neocons, fear mongering, consciousness and fear, freemasons, ordo abchao (order out of chaos), 33 longitude and latitude, reduction of stress, the mind and illnesses, the gift of fear, fear and love vibrations

Part 5 -- DNA Upgrade?

The DNA of love and fear, activation of DNA, phantom DNA effect, emotions and DNA, Fibonacci sequence, DNA upgrade, gratitude and DNA


Negative prophecies will not occur, synchronicities and 2012, metaphysical phenomena, consciousness shapes reality, left brained versus right brained thinking, suppression of the feminine, spiritual transition of the psyche, seeking inner truth, repression of emotions, intention, how some people may get left behind, the mandlebrot sequence, thoughts = manifestations, harmonic unity, the miracle of YOU, centering yourself spiritually, torsion fields and consciousness, the power of meditation, opening a channel to your higher self, following your intuition, the power of light, now is the time to expand your consciousness, time travel, expanded consciousness, listening to your heart, the end of a 26,000 year opportunity, research tools, the bottom line

Please share this video through social networking on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, emails, blogs, etc.


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Allan Bridging Heaven & Earth

Alex Ansary Outside the Box

Gregg Braden

Dannion Brinkley

Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot

Sonia Choquette

David Flynn

Richard C. Hoagland

David Icke

John Major Jenkins

Ian Xel Lungold

Terence McKenna

Daniel Pinchbeck

Bill Ryan Project Camelot

Geoff Stray

David Wilcock Divine Cosmos

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