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Author Topic: The Most Comprehensive Consciousness and Metaphysical Ebooks Collection  (Read 1520 times)

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The Most Comprehensive Consciousness and Metaphysical Ebooks Collection
English | PDF | Ebooks Collection | All In One | 11.31 GB

Well here is my largest Collection to date with 1900 pdfs concerning but in no way limited to these topics: consciousness metaphysics physics sacred geometry platonic solids spiral torus vortex metatron's cube Planck scale Phi golden mean ratio 1.618 self organization coherence implosion monistic idealism cymatics quantum mechanics nanotehnology cosmology topology relativity implicate order plasma universe electric universe aether infinity symmetry supersymmetry parallel universe multiverse unity holographics reality frequency time synergy/negentropy entropy zero point energy quantum vacuum spin A.I. information theory fractals evolution cosmic plenum esoterism shamanism entheogens psychedelics DMT LSD Psilocybin Salvia Divinorum cannabis mysticism alchemy occultism yantra tantra mantra mudra enneagrams labyrinths Hebrew Sanksrit Extraterrestrials ancient astronaut UFO crop circles hadronic mechanics and chemistry string theory superstring M-theory hyperspace multidimensional black hole altered states of awareness brainwaves channeling OBE lucid dreaming oversoul cosmic consciousness yoga mindfulness meditation visualization creativity kundalini chakras biblic apocrypha Rg Veda i ching tao te ching timewave zero Upanishads Zohar Torah Books of the Dead Thoth Tablet of Hermes egyptian sumerian tibetan mayan incan dogon daoism buddhism sufism zen hinduism judaism Kabbalah numerology the tree of life the egg of life the flower of life the seed of life meme theory chaos theory complexity theory fractal evolution earth grid akashic record collective consciousness collective unconscious noosphere past lives transpersonal psychology holotropic psychology quantum psychology sustainability biogeometry biologic architecture geomancy dowsing pyramids lost civilzation ancient technology astronomy astrology climate change permaculture food forestry dynamic farming aquaponics aquaculture organic farming botany plant biology agronomy H20 structure water dynamics deep ecology physics of the heart emotion and intent quantum biology microtubules bose-einstein condesate DNA genetics epigenetics scalar standing columnar wave biophotonic kirlian orgone energy prana Merkaba light body chi aura energetic body ethereal body astral body subtle energy alternative history economics - federal reserve system new age sci-fi gonzo some regular fiction... and I should probably stop listing already. You get the idea of what's in here.
This collection is quite large and my bandwith is limited and can upload during most nights so just stick with me and you will get it all. Also if you happen to have any books that would make this collection even more complete please share. I'd like to thank and give credit to Trance33 and a few others on Demonoid that helped fill in some essential pieces in this collection.Thanks and if you can't learn anything from this torrent then you are hopeless. Enjoy! SEED SEED SEED Please!
Some authors you might recognize include:
A.E. Waite
Douglas Adams
Alan Watts
Albert Einstein
Albert Hofmann
Aldous Huxley
Alesiter Crowley
Alice A Bailey
Ananda Bosman
Arthur C Clarke
Greg Bear
Benoit Mandelbrot
Bill Bryson
Bill Mollison
Brian Greene
Buckminster Fuller
C.W. Leadbetter
Callum Coats
Carl Sagan
Carlos Castaneda
CG Jung
Charles Darwin
Charles Muses
Charles Tart
Clifford Pickover
Dan Brown
Dan Winter
Daniel C Dennett
Daniel Pinchbeck
David Bohm
David Chalmers
David Icke
David Sereda
David Wilcock
Dean Radin
Donald DeGracia
Douglas Hofstadter
Drunvalo Melchizedek
Eckhart Tolle
Edgar Cayce
Edgar Mitchell
Eliphas Levi
Emmanuel Onaivi
Erik von Daniken
Ervin Laszlo
Eustache Mullins
F. David Peat
Francis Crick
Franz Kafka
Frederick Dodson
Fritjof Capra
G.E.M. Anscombe
George Orwell
Godfre Ray King
Adam Gotlieb
Graham Hancock
Gregg Braden
Hans Jenny
H.G. Wells
H.P. Blavatsky
Harun Yayha
Henry David Thoreau
Howard Bloom
Hunter S. Thompson
Ian Stewart
Ilya Prigogine
Itzhak Bentov
Ingo Swann
Jack Kerouac
James Austin
James Watson
James Halperin
James Gleick
Jane Roberts
Jared Diamond
Jay Alfred
Jerry Brunetti
Jidu Krishnamurti
Jim Marrs
John Anthony West
John C Lilly
John D Barrow
John Searle
John Wheeler
Jon Rappoport
Joes Arguelles
Joseph Pearce
Karl Marx
Ken Carey
Ken Keyes Jr
Ken Wilber
Kurt Vonnegut
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Laurence Gardner
Lawrence Krauss
Leonard Horowtiz
Leonard Susskind
Mae Wan Ho
Manly P hall
Mantak Chia
Mark Stavish
Martin Gardner
Masaru Emoto
Masanobu Fukuoka
Matt Pitkanen
Max Heindel
Max Velmans
Michael Pollan
Michel Desmarquet
Michio Kaku
Nassim Haramein
Nikola Tesla
Noam Chomsky
Otto Snow
Paul Davies
Paul Halpern
Paulo Coehlo Paul Pearsall
Peter Thomkins
Phil Hine
Peter Russell
R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz
Ralph Metzner
Ray Kurzweil
Richard Bartlett
Richard Dawkins
Richard Hoagland
Robert Monrow
Robert Anton Wilson
Robert Bruce
Roger Penrose
Rudolf Steiner
Ruggero Santilli
Rupert Sheldrake
Ruseell Targ
Stanislav Grof
Stepehn Hawking
Stephen Philips
Stever Gibbs
Steven Greer
Steven Heine
Stuart Hameroff
Susie Vrobel
Susan Blackmore
T. Henry Moray
Terence McKenna
Thich Nhat Hanh
Thomas Bearden
Thomas Campbell
Timothy Leary
Tom Wolfe
Viktor Schauberger
Walter Russell
Wilhelm Reich
William Henry
Zecharia Sitchin ...... And many many more that I did not feel like typing!
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Haha nice, if only I could speed read like that guy from Stargate unlocking the full potential of this torrent might seem plausable.
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Haha nice, if only I could speed read like that guy from Stargate unlocking the full potential of this torrent might seem plausable.

Feeling that sentiment.

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Haha nice, if only I could speed read like that guy from Stargate unlocking the full potential of this torrent might seem plausable.

Feeling that sentiment.

And in the meantime I can dip into it now and then to retrieve specific info whenever I need it.
Drink before the war.