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Author Topic: The Pyrimid Code.  (Read 739 times)

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The Pyrimid Code.
« on: November 13, 2011, 04:53:21 AM »
Time Temple 3 - The Great Pyramid Code 1/5

The measurement of the body, soul, and spirit in ancient times;
AKH   -   the shining one
BA     -   his soul
KA     -   his minor
NAME -  the code (body)
SHADOW - its minor

Making one orbital year;
AKH at cosmic-star level in 1,872,000 days.
BA    at a planetary-star level in 144,000 days.
KA    at planetary level in 7,200 days.
NAME at elements planetary level in 360 days.
SHADOW at elementary level in 20 days.

On earth it makes;
AKH 5125.25 years.
BA 394.25 years.
KA 19.71 years.
NAME 1 year minus 5 days.
SHADOW 20 days.

So depending on when your soul is awakened into unfolding tests of ascension until you reach a certain level, either AKH, BA, KA, NAME, SHADOW, and that is how fast you travel in your higher dimensional self while still being a hologram for the third dimension. Secretion of DMT from the pineal gland activating %'s of the unified field of consciousness depending of the level you reach. Being called for ascension takes many a lifetime or no lifetime at all. Nothing and everything, everything and nothing. Safe travels and stay rooted like a tree in water through fabric.

Offline rA.all.dimensions.

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Re: The Pyrimid Code.
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2011, 11:09:13 PM »
How fast you travel, equivalent to how old you are each passing minute on earth. When you die in each dimension do you proceed to live out what went on in higher one's? Did the higher dimensions already happen and we decided to inhabit earth, or each lower dimension gradually to learn something. Are we bored because we have such a high % of knowledge in higher realms that we don't get to express, feel emotion anymore, except for buying a ticket to a lower parallel. So we hang out in the 3rd dimension, complete hologram, everything still happening at the higher parallels, aging based off the pyramid code's measurement of the body, soul, and spirit, but if everything is a hologram why aren't parallel dimensions just hologram. Have we been waiting for the second Adam (gained knowledge from a post here), to find the path through personal 3rd dimensional evolution, which for the higher dimensions, us paralleled, each making up a whole, to jump from our universe into the multiverse. If we are just remnants of a star maybe the ascension process is us aging in form of a star, when we die it is like a star, supernova, nova, white dwarf, whatever each of us hypothetically are becomes a universe part of the multiverse depending on what we each, as stars encode our third eye with. Maybe everyone on earth is just a cluster of stars and we have been waiting for invitation through evolution, second Adam, to be invited into the multiverse, or just the expansion of our own universe. Not really thinking just spitting random ideas through digits onto keyboard. Super glad I came across this forum, it's a start to help grasp understanding of what happened with my own personal ascension process. Need to learn more about the different dimensions. Physically, here on earth, are we only aloud to gain access up until the 5th dimension? Yet our dream like state, every supposed waking second, we can astrally experience what goes on in each of our own dimensional higher self. How high do dimensions go? Not sure if the below post is somewhere on the forum but more knowledge appetite for our unified conscious. Only 1-8, the rest are on the youtube. I use to much stuff we call commas and junk, grammar? Day's are heavy. Slight ugh, but oh so worth it when I find being's experiencing the same thing.

This ^above^ web page goes into detail about the solfeggio frequencies, sure you guys have heard about them, sure they are on the forum, but listening to each one in your "third-eye", it floods memories of a past, present, future. Also each Hz's number brings out the connected emotions to help clear your inner dimensional expansive space in time to help stay connected to your highest chakra. Can you stay connected at all times with your highest chakra while continually working on clearing out the lower one's when they talk to your inner body?