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Author Topic: Meditation Tips from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth  (Read 4681 times)

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Meditation Tips from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth
« on: January 13, 2010, 11:14:26 AM »
I spent the day re-reading The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.  I ended up putting it on my website because there wasn't a copy of this with pictures and highlighting of important points.  It took forever to format and I'm still working on making it better, but you can view it here:

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean - Preface
Tablet I: The History of Thoth, The Atlantean
Tablet II: The Halls of Amenti
Tablet III: The Key of Wisdom
Tablet IV: The Space Born
Tablet V: The Dweller of Unal
Tablet VI: The Key of Magic
Tablet VII: The Seven Lords
Tablet VIII: The Key of Mysteries
Tablet IX: The Key of Freedom of Space
Tablet X: The Key of Time
Tablet XI: The Key to Above and Below
Tablet XII: The Law of Cause and Effect and The Key of Prophecy
Tablet XIII: The Keys of Life and Death
Supplementary Tablet XIV Atlantis
Supplementary Tablet XV: Secret of Secrets

There are several parts that can be applied during meditation:

from Tablet VI: The Key of Magic

Seek ye first a place bound by darkness. Place ye a circle around about thee. Stand erect in the midst of the circle. Use thou this formula, and you shalt be free. Raise thou thine hands to the dark space above thee . Close thou thine eyes and draw in the LIGHT.

Call to the SPIRIT OF LIGHT through the Space-Time, using these words and thou shalt be free:"Fill thou my body, O SPIRIT OF LIFE, fill thou my body with SPIRIT OF LIGHT. Come from the FLOWER that shines through the darkness. Come from the HALLS where the Seven Lords rule.

Name them by name, I, the Seven: THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--Nine.

By their names I call them to aid me, free me and save me from the darkness of night: UNTANAS, QUERTAS, CHIETAL, and GOYANA, HUERTAL, SEMVETA--ARDAL. By their names I implore thee, free me from darkness and fill me with LIGHT.

Know ye, O man, that when ye have done this, ye shall be free from the fetters that bind ye, cast off the bondage of the brothers of night.


from Tablet XIII: The Keys of Life and Death

List ye, O man, whilst I give the secret so that ye, too, shalt taste not of change. One hour each day shalt thou lie with thine head pointed to the place of the positive pole (north). One hour each day shalt thy head be pointed to the place of the negative pole (south). Whilst thy head is placed to the northward, hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head.

And when thy head is placed southward, hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet. Hold thou in balance once in each seven, and thy balance will retain the whole of its strength. Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen and thy strength will become as a youth's. This is the secret known to the Masters by which they hold off the fingers of Death. Neglect not to follow the path I have shown, for when thou hast passed beyond years to a hundred to neglect it will mean the coming of Death.

Hear ye, my words, and follow the pathway. Keep thou thy balance and live on in life.

Hear ye, O man, and list to my voice. List to the wisdom that gives thee of Death. When at the end of thy work appointed, thou may desire to pass from this life, pass to the plane where the Suns of the Morning live and have being as Children of Light. Pass without pain and pass without sorrow into the plane where is eternal Light.

First lie at rest with thine head to the eastward. Fold thou thy hands at the Source of thy life (solar plexus).

Place thou thy consciousness in the life seat. Whirl it and divide to north and to south.

Send thou the one out toward the northward. Send thou the other out to the south. Relax thou their hold upon thy being. Forth from they form will thy silver spark fly, upward and onward to the Sun of the morning, blending with Light, at one with its source.

There it shall flame till desire shall be created. Then shall return to a place in a form.
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Re: Meditation Tips from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth
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