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Maya 2012 Dimensions of Consciousness

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Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness Is Here Now

Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness Is Here Now
You are living in a powerful and transformative time when greater light shines from the heavens onto the Earth plane.  This influx of light is triggering a series of inner shifts and transformations that will ultimately change the shape, appearance and workings of your "outer" world.  These changes in collective reality usher in a time when Earth exists primarily in fifth-dimensional frequencies.  These shifts in consciousness have been prophesied by the great seers of every time frame. This is the essence of the New Earth.

Beings from the Future and the New Earth

It is important to understand these shifts began taking place in the hearts and minds of many beings over centuries, with the final staging of consciousness taking shape in the last hundred years. Large numbers of "beings from the future" began incarnating to the Earth in the late 1800s.

Each decade since that time has seen a greater influx of beings arriving here to seed consciousness and pave the way for the New Earth.  These beings speak about human rights and respect for all life and the planet; they advocate equality and unconditional love; they bring forth understanding of quantum physics and other innovations that reflect spirit's vast capabilities.

The Rapid Decline of Misaligned Energies

The essence of these beings' role is anchoring greater light on the Earth to help accelerate the transformations taking place.  As Earth's energetic resonance rises, you will see many aspects of collective consciousness fall away.  Those aspects of reality not aligned with the new frequencies are simply demagnetized.

This is why you're seeing many institutions, ideas, patterns and ways of being fall away now.  If you examine those energies being phased out, you will find they contain unholistic frequencies that are not compatible with the energies of the New Earth.

Stepping into Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness

Your conscious mind may not believe it is possible to access fifth-dimensional consciousness from your present moment.  This old pattern of thinking "you can't get there from here" has held human beings in spiritual bondage since time began.

In the beginning, this was by design.  In order to experience true freedom of spirit, it is necessary to experience limitation and bondage.  The collective consciousness has completed this "limitation" phase of the experiment, and the next phase of unlimited freedom is now readily accessible.

In order to step into the vast, unlimited nature of your being, it is necessary to "see-through" the illusion of your enslavement to the way things have been.  This is done by releasing old habits, beliefs,
attitudes and perceptions that tie you into limited ways of being.

The main purpose of Earth changes and the challenging times you are currently experiencing is to break loose from these old habits and perceptions, to "stand back" from your present "identity self", and see yourself through the eyes of spirit.  From this unlimited perspective, you're free to step fully into fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Signposts of the Great Shift

In coming weeks, we will outline the shape of the transition to the New Earth.  You are seeing a time when third-dimensional energies are still in place while fifth-dimensional consciousness pulses in the hearts and minds of many.  Even as fifth-dimensional consciousness moves into full flower, seventh-dimensional consciousness is being seeded.  Some beings have chosen to explore well beyond the seventh dimension, but this is done with understanding and acceptance of the changes this manifests in one's physical reality and the greater levels of responsibility that accompany it.


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