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Maya 2012: Law of One

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Our History According to the Law of One

If you study Egyptian history, you will see there is a vast difference between the ancient Egyptians and the later dynasties. Much of the original wisdom transferred from Atlantis and added to by Hermes and Ra-ta was lost as was predicted. In fact, Ra-ta commented how fast the original beliefs were corrupted after he had been away for a brief period, which shows how ignorance was already spreading.

In later times, what came to be called The Sphinx, was originally called Hu of the Horizon.

It was to the land of Khem, or Egypt that some of the Atlanteans fled after the sinking of their civilization, including, both the Sons of Belial and the Children of the Law of One. The Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial are extensively covered in the received information from Edgar Cayce. The Children carried forth the Law of One and the Sons of Belial has a more carnal view of life.

The Sphinx

The Egyptians saw the birth of Osiris in the night sky, and recognized He who created Osiris. The constellation Eridanus was positioned with Osiris near its mouth, and had the appearance of God in the process of expelling Osiris. The Egyptians used this sound, Hhhhuuuuu, the sound of a cosmic breath, and this was the first sound to be heard in the universe, as well the name of God. [it is interesting that the Egyptians gave God a vibration for a name, and only now is science saying everything is a vibration}

This constellation is the form the Egyptians copied to build the Sphinx, which was set to face the rising sun. The second breath was Hu Hu, called the utterance of God.

The Sphinx was purposely set in position, to greet Ra, the rising sun. This was but one of the names for the solar disk, considered the representation of the Creator. The people would gather before dawn and sing Hhhhuuuu Hhuuuuuu. They thus re-enacted creation each morning.

Eventually, Hu, being a constellation, moved as the earth rotated, and as Hu slowly sank from site, so did his memory fade in the minds of the Egyptians.

When Hu Hu was lost from memory, the sun remained God to the Egyptians, but other interpretations arose, some said Ra had left earth and now was the time of Osiris being exalted above RA.

Later, in the 18th dynasty, when much of the original beliefs were eclipsed by new interpretations of old symbols, a king arose who took an abrupt turn from the path of belief which had Egypt following many gods.

The name of the king, in the 18th dynasty, who changed the course of spiritual thinking ,was, Amenhotep better known as Akhenaten. He caused a revolution in religion, and earned the hostility and wrath of the priests who were opposed to the One God, and so Akhenaten moved his capital to Heliopolis. After his death the priests attempted to erase all signs of his reign even defacing his depictions.

It is of note that the word amen, which all Christians say and have been told mean So Be It, really is one of the names of the solar disc, Amen-ra. Each time a Christian ends a prayer, they repeat one of the ancient names of the sun, Amen.

Not only the real meaning of the Sphinx was lost in time, also lost was the significance of the symbol known as the ankh. The ankh when held with the circle up, reveals, the sun on the horizon, just as the people standing around Hu would see it each morning as it rose.. The portion below the crossbeam, originally were three rays or beams of the sun, which in time changed from three beams to one, losing the symbolism of the piece, which now is considered the joining of the male and female essence.

It was called The Key of Life and said to unlock the gates of death. Each new king was given an ankh at birth and it was depicted in the hands of the righteous who, after death, gain eternal life.

The gods and goddesses are shown holding the ankh as a symbol of eternal life, in the hand as one holds a key. Was the sign of the ankh, depicting the sun on the horizon, the key to eternal life?

The Egyptians were well aware of the cycle of birth and rebirth and there are many mentions of The Wheel, in their literature. They were desirous of breaking free of the Wheel, and to this end the pyramid was constructed as an initiation tank, for the purpose of ascension. Ascension involved raising the vibration of the human mind and regain lost knowledge. All humanity was considered in darkness spiritually. When the ignorance or darkness was expelled, fear was expelled and the mind could ascend to match more closely the thinking of the Mind of God. This was accomplished to a limited degree until that knowledge too was lost and the Pyramid was thought to be a tomb.

Ankenaten, was considered more of a thinker and philosopher than the kings previous to him, but was considered a heretic by the priests of the former gods.

In the Book of the Dead, Aten and Ra are the same.

“O RA, shineth from the horizon of heaven, hail Aten, lord of beams, shineth upon all faces, everybody lives, thou beautiful thing, RA, thou maketh earth to shine like fine copper. The dead rise up to thee, they breathe the air and look upon thy face when Aten shineth in the horizon.”

After the death of Ankenaten, the priests returned to their former beliefs but the name Ankenaten again comes up in 1981, in one of the most famous as well as respected channeled pieces, called the RA material.

Given by a group calling themselves RA; a composite mind, said that they had not been able to contact a suitable vehicle for transmitting the Law of One, since the time they contacted Ankenaten in the 18th dynasty, as messengers.

At that time, says RA, they walked the earth with the people of earth, but did not resemble them. They identified themselves as being servants of the One Infinite Creator.

Says RA: “We attempted to contact the rulers of this land (Egypt) in the 18th dynasty, we were able to contact a Pharoah named Aten or Ikhnaten. He became convinced that the vibration of One was the true spiritual vibration, and thus decreed, The Law of One. But his beliefs were accepted by few. When he fell, the polarized beliefs of many gods came into their own. We came to your peoples to give the Law of One.”

Like Cells Within a Body

The RA mind complex, tells us that all levels of existence were created for the purpose of the Creator to come to know Itself. Many versions or portions of the One were created separate for this purpose.

Like cells dividing in a body, all portions, communicate as One, all are connected. The first cell then creates new cells, and those cells create, and so forth, yet the body remains united and whole.

The Logos

The Logos, is a galatic level creator, who is that portion of the Absolute, which is the creator of all the suns in that particular galaxy.

The Logos cannot be seen with human eyes, but human eyes can see the visible manifestation of the Logos, which is the sun, or sub-Logos, but what humanity sees is not what the sun really looks like.

The sun, in turn, being a creator of planets, created all planetary bodies and all humanity.

With this information, it is understandable why the ancient Egyptians said it was the sun, that created the world and why they called the sun Ra, or Re. It is the sun, which created the Egyptians and all other humans in a direct sense being the sub-Logos and planetary Creator portion of the One. When humanity can stop designating names, they will see that doing this is by product of thinking in terms of separation not unity. Everything looks separate on earth, but in reality is also One. The same energy gives life and that comes directly from the sun. If the sun turned off physical death would be the result. All is One, yet many.

DNA Upgrade

The DNA is a wave, a vibration and can be altered by the sun and the proof is in the experiments done with light and DNA called The DNA Phantom Effect.

The Sun and The Son

At the time of the introduction of the Roman form of Christianity, many of the temples dedicated to the sun were torn down so that Christians might build temples to the son in their place. This purging of all that went before was just a repeat of what was done in Egypt after the death of Akhenaten.

RA tells us that at that time, the message of The Law of One, was robbed of much of its compassion by the priests.

Jesus Christ taught the principles of the Law of One in what has been called The Golden Rule.

Here in the book of John we have this:

“In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.”….John 1

Only the Oneness of All can explain this statement. If a cell splits from the parent cell within a human body, the cell is both a separate cell within the body as well as part of the body, at the same time. Subsequent cells are created from the second generation of cells, as there is only one first born level.

Humans cannot know how many individual universes exist, but within each one there are an infinite number of galaxies, and therefore an infinite number of Logos. Within each galaxy, are countless trillions of solar systems, and hence, trillions of planetary creators, or sons of God. Yet all is One.

It is difficult for human minds to grasp their own spiritual makeup and understand that every atom in their body is aware and conscious. The many- celled organism called a human being, is a mirror of the greater cosmos, because humans were patterned after the cosmos. The entire universe, pulses with consciousness, and is living and aware on different levels.

According to Edgar Cayce, the Logos incarnated many times, as different humans, Amilius, Adam, Enoch, Moses, and Jesus just to name a few. The last incarnation Jesus, provided the pattern of thought, which aligns the human mind with the Absolute.

Since the son, is the one who explains the Father, and who designed the archetypes of the human mind by which humans evolve spiritually, He is the one who came to show the pattern by showing selfish absolute love. He is the god who explained God.

Jesus is not a he or a she, but is both. Jesus was the name given to the human body, into which, the Logos mind, emptied Itself.

In Proverbs 8, the same Mind is called wisdom personified, and the Master-worker. In the Gnostic Gospels, that mind is called Sophia, also called wisdom, and who was given the name Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great, also called Thoth, who taught the Egyptian civilization everything it knew.

That Mind was born and given the name Zend, who began Zorasterism, and was also Enoch who went to heaven in a whirlwind.

It is no wonder that the Mind that conceived of human archetypes in the first place, should be the same one, that leads humanity back to forgotten knowledge of itself; this is the persona of Jesus. Here the pattern was given. This is what all of you should be to ascend to the former high station you once had. This time the pattern and path was clear.

Egyptologist Wallis Budge had this to say, regarding the similarities of the Egyptians and Christian beliefs:

“Both are practically the same. The supernatural content, the divine birth, the struggles against the enemy in the wilderness, the resurrection from the dead to eternal life. The main difference between them is the allegory. The message is exactly the same. The spheres of angels and archangels in Christianity are strikingly similar to the Neteru, the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt.”

The Song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32 as found in a cave near the Dead Sea mentions the word god in the plural: “Rejoice, O heavens, do obeisance to him ye gods.” When the passage is quoted in the New Testament in Hebrews 1, the word gods is substituted with angels of God. As such, the Neteru who were called gods by some, were endorsed and incorporated into Christianity under a new name, angels.

The Egyptian Book of The Dead is the oldest written text known to man.

Here is a quote:

“I am the Eternal, I am RA….I am that which created The Word…..I am The Word.”

And from the book of John this:

“In the beginning was The Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

If one investigates the moral code practiced in Egypt which were taught as the will of Ra, we find the same standards of love as found in the teachings of Jesus, as the Law of One.

This is missed by the dogmatic who only look at the outside of the cup and forget the inside of the cup. It is into the heart and spirit, that the Mind of the Logos looks, not at what name one is called during any given fleeting lifetime.

Love and acceptance of all Creation forms the basis for The Law of One, the teachings of Jesus, as well as the ancient Egyptians. The heart was weighed after death and if there was found a heart without having offended anyone by any act, the heart would be considered as light as the feather on the other side of the scale.

The soul would ascend to eternal life and rise above the cycle of birth and rebirth on the Wheel. This also Jesus promised by following the pattern of thinking he left. Its all been for one united cause. To teach humanity to love each other because they are part of the One Mind and need to remember what has been lost.

The Mind of the sub-Logos designed the archetypes embedded in our human minds. This same portion of the Divine Mind took the form of many different human personas, among them Jesus; the savior, the son of God. The physical manifestation of this Mind being the physical sun, whom the Egyptians called Ra, Amen, and Aton, and originally Hhhuuu.

The Mind of the Logos was called Sophia or Wisdom in the Gnostics Gospels. In the Bible, that Mind is called Wisdom Personified and the Word or Logos.

The Christ Mind existed thousands of years before the person Jesus Christ ever walked the earth, because the Christ Mind is the Mind of the Logos and the sun. All is One Mind. The Christ Mind, sees all of us the same, as children who have forgotten that their roots exist in spirit not in the earth. To those who can see past the many disguises used by the One Absolute Mind, it is given to appreciate the time for scattering has ended and the time of bringing together has been born. The time of seeing in fragments and separation is of the past and now the pieces are coming to form a whole.

We are all One.


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